Our Gastronomy

We are motivated by tradition and innovation.

Someone once said that the most unforgettable journey is the journey back home.

Maybe  for this reason,  we have been trying to set up for  over thirty years a project that will give back dignity to our territorial cuisine, in other words, to re-discover homemade  tastes which have come from  homemade green garden, farms, and organic markets and   to re-identity with the Mediterranean diet in an era of globalization which has been leading us more and more to lose sense of  “real” selves.

We are a team that believe in the strong willpower to work and create dishes which distinguish us from others.

We take extra care in decorating  our dishes because we consider tastes to have a certain form and shape  of their own; that’s why each one of our dishes has “a sort of  beauty in itself”  made up of an attractive harmony of  colours in a balanced quantity.