“Castel Cicala” (The Castle of Cicala)  will be in the background of your wedding day.

Our structure is located in the heart of a enriching park, which is the same place where the Philosopher Giordano Bruno was  inspired. The castle, set in the background of our restaurant, also has a tower that hovers majestically over the neighbouring town  and its streets, houses and courtyards. 

Hence, we have decided to re-live our history, and at the same time do our best in preparing gastronomic traditions with love and diligence.

The Swimming Pool

A blue sky for any event.

Our white Porch, built in Mediterranean style, blends well with the blue light of the swimming pool.  It is harmonious set in an atmosphere which could inspire the most important moments of your party.

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The Courtyard

An extra little something.

The Courtyard is such a lovely place to just spend some time together and chat, either sip a drink or champagne or just simply read a book.

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The Green Park

Endless emotions.

The deep green colour of our lawn, the branches of olive, walnut and carob trees seem to provoke in us a sense of joy during the  event, from sunrise to sunset. 

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